Teambuilding curacao


The return on investment in a teambuilding event will be higher, if you incorporate it in a program. Only a continuous effort in exploring talent and get the best out of your team will make sure you get a happy workforce. Happy workers will automatically generate happy clients and in this way you will boost productivity, meet your targets and cut down the cost the per employee. (Resource hrtrendinstitute)

Yes, that’s it, it’s not more complicated than this!  However we realize that the execution is not always easy in your busy day to day operations. So if you feel the need to look at the bigger picture, as far as your investment in Human Capital is concerned, we can brainstorm and advice on your growth process. We facilitate in-depth training for teams on Corporate Identity/ Communication/Leadership/Talent management etc.

We differentiate with our interactive and pragmatic ‘hands on’ way of working. Don’t hesitate to ask others about us. With WannaGrow we worked for:

  • Ministry of Economic Development (MEO)/Business Services/Mariella Olaria
  • Ictual/Andrew Solomon
  • DHL/Lucrecia Ayala
  • Public Prosecution Service (Openbaar Ministerie)/Anouk Swakhoven
  • Intertrust/ Sonja Hartsuijker
  • Albo Caribbean/Dennis Janson
  • Curacao Tourist Board (CTB)/Hugo Clarinda
  • Ministery of Bestuur, Planning, Dienstverlening (BPD) HRO department/Celeste

This is feedback from Andrew Solomon from Ictual:

” WannaGrow helped us tremendously in improving our teamwork and communication based on our company values! Exiting exercises, inspiring videos and a very personal approach made these sessions not only fun to attend but also extremely insightful. All in all a very valuable experience for both our company as well as for each of our employees in their personal development. Thanks WannaGrow team Ellemieke and Veroesjka!”

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