Teambuilding curacao

COVID PROOF Teambuilding at Scharloo: Support your Community

Scharloo Abou/Fleur de Mari offers us a mesmerizing suburban area with lots of positive vibes, local artists, food and architecture but also challenges. Hence, you can support this local community by participating in this teambuilding event. We will challenge the creative skills and growth mindset of your team and definitely make sure we will have lots fun!

  • Covid proof assignments: Foodforest/guerilla gardening/upcycle plastic into of art/music &dance performances, painting murals in Scharloo
  • Amount of people: 20- 50 persons
  • Time: 3.00 -7.00pm
  • Target: Teamwork, FUN, get creative, support the Community (Scharloo Abou/Fleur de Marie)
  • Price: depends on targets and amount of people.

Please ask for a quote by filling out the reservation form