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Why Teambuilding?

Teambuilding with WannaGo OutdoorsAlmost any project in life is a team effort. Even individual performance, i.e. writing a book, would not succeed without support of the ones close around us. However, developing high performance teams requires investment. Outdoor training is a perfect way to get insight in communication patterns and different roles within the team. Because participants (partially) let go the daily routine and rules, you will get a clear picture of your employee’s behavior in the team, which sometimes reveals hidden talents and qualities.

And, very important as well, we are also going to have lots of fun!

WannaGo Outdoors Curacao, teambuilding teambuilding with WannaGo Outdoors

Why with WannaGo Outdoors?

  • We listen to your training needs
  • We check the team’s developmental stage
  • We are professional, creative and ‘out of the box” thinkers
  • We offer creactive activities, for any target group (corporate, private, schools)
  • We respect nature and support sustainable development
  • We can offer complete packages, including transport and F&B
  • We improve the performance of your team
  • We make sure we are going to have FUN!
Clients about us

Results of the outdoor training

  • Closer and more motivated team
  • Surprising other sides of colleagues are revealed, insight in qualities and talents
  • Insight in different roles and communication patterns
  • Insight in leadership style of team leaders
  • Insight in over or under represented characters in the team
  • Insight in strong and weak aspects in communication
  • Tips for communication in the daily operation

WannaGo Outdoors Curacao, team building WannaGo Outdoors Curacao, team building, murdergame