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April 2022
Bryan Irausquin, partner EY Dutch Caribbean

Great tax professionals, Team, Fun!!
Just had a blast with our EY Dutch Caribbean Tax teams of Aruba, Curaçao and Suriname during two days of connecting, sharing, dancing, growing, inspiring, and just plain old fun!! ?????
Love these folks!
A big thank you to Ellemieke van Beek, Tim Q. M. Martina, Raquel Weisz and the other WannaGrow team members!!



February 2022
Feedback Selena Scharbaai, Hof van Justitie

“The teambuilding event of WannaGo Outdoors was beyond our expectations. The assignments really made us aware of how crucial clear communication is in the trust process. The WannaGo Outdoors team is professional, inspiring and got an overview of how we behave and function very fast. Besides that, we learned that personal and team development can also be FUN!”




January 2020
Feedback Xander Arts, Amicorp Partner

Amicorp - WannaGo Outdoors“Ellemieke’s WannaGo sessions are very effective team building exercises. To the point and combined with fun, she is able tocreate very positive team dynamics in a very short period of time.”


November 2019
Feedback Steven Coutinho, CEO DSB Suriname

De Surinaamse Bank (DSB) - WannaGrow“As a CEO of a bank I need no nonsense trainers/coaches that are effective, direct and to the point. That’s Ellemieke. She is able to pick up the underlying current of a conversation / group dynamic, and address it head on. For this reason I asked her to facilitate the strategic session with my team of leaders. The first thing my employees mentioned when she was done was “when are you coming back?” Thank you Ellemieke for showing us how our Leadership impacts Happiness at the workplace!”


July 2018
Feedback by Andrew, Ictual

” WannaGrow helped us tremendously in improving our teamwork and communication based on our company values! Exiting exercises, inspiring videos and a very personal approach made these sessions not only fun to attend but also extremely insightful. All in all a very valuable experience for both our company as well as for each of our employees in their personal development. Thanks WannaGrow team Ellemieke and Veroesjka!”


October 2017
Feedback by Nadine, Gianni`s Group Aruba

” It was a great pleasure to work with Wannago Outdoors. It seemed we knew each other from before! Professional and to the point, they developed a tailor made teambuilding concept . A big thank you and congratulations! We are looking forward to the next one!”




September 2017
Feedback from Sentro Speransa

“Recently we received a teambuilding session from Wanna Go outdoors. As a team we all agreed that it was a very great experience. Working every day, having to deal with problems and not having some time to relax and bond can become quite a burden on a team. By getting this teambuilding session we got a chance to relax, connect and to learn from each other’s strengths and “weaknesses”. We had a very great time and the team from Wanna Go outdoors was very enthusiastic and professional. Their keeping eye for detail was very helpful in pinpointing development opportunities for every single member of the team. Wanna Go outdoors, thanks for the wonderful experience and keep up the good work!”


May 2017
Feedback by Anne Witsenburg, Monuments fund Aruba

We had a great time with our team, guided by Wannago Outdoors. Ellemieke challenged us to become even closer as a team, communicate better (LSD!) and get way out of our comfort zone. We defined our core values: Respect, Perseverance, Transparency, Trust, Communication and Cooperation, and used them in our rap to say thanks for the experience. The lessons learned will keep us sharp so we can continue to ‘Preserve our Part for the Future!’




January 2017
Feedback by Ronella Tjin Asjoe-Croes CEO, Aruba Tourism Authority 

“Wannago Outdoors did a tremendous job in not only providing the Aruba Tourism Authority with unique and challenging team building exercises, but also with tailor made individual as well as collective  insights/advice. Our team had fun and the sessions brought our team closer together.”





December 2016
Feedback by Elshten Valks, Aqualectra

“The teambuilding activities organized by Wannago-outdoors helped us improve our communication and leadership skills by applying the “LSD” concept. We really enjoyed the program that was prepared for us. We got the opportunity to get to know eachother better and learn how to reach our goals by working together. Keep up the good work and thank you for a great experience!!”



November 2016
Feedback by Eric Vesseur, partner Baker Tilly Curaçao

“We would like to thank you for organizing our Team Building activities! Many of our colleagues shared that this was a great day. They participated with much enthusiasm, had fun and  got the chance to know each other better and most important of all they bonded. You did an excellent job! The activities turned out into a great Team Building experience and I’m confident they will last long into the memories of all. We will gladly recommend WannaGo to improve teams in any industry or setting.”


Oktober 2016
Feedback door Andrew Solomon, Managing Director van Ictual

“Het was een spannende manier om de saamhorigheid te versterken onder perfecte begeleiding van WannaGo Outdoors.  Tijdens het diner is er veel gelachen en nagepraat , waarmee een goede basis is gelegd voor het volgende jaar. Happy employees & goede teamspirit zijn essentieel voor elk succesvol bedrijf!”




Oktober 2016
Feedback Fundashon pa Maneho di Adikshon door Meta Fahrenfort


“Het was een doorslaand succes! Heel erg bedankt, Team WannaGo Outdoors en Herman van Bergen we hebben een topdag gehad. Goed georganiseerd, uitstekend begeleid en een perfecte lokatie! Ook dank aan Landhuis Bloemhof voor de gastvrijheid, Elodie en Sinuhe, top”




September 2016
Feedback by Daisy Seferina, Albo Caribbean
“With our team building event “Helping a good team become a great team” we have bounded more as a team and got to know each other’s qualities even better. The teambuilding event was well organized in an nice and peaceful environment. The team of WannaGo Outdoors gave us valuable tips on our communication and leaderships skills by paying good attention while the Albo team was fulfilling the many challenges. It was a successful event…. Many thanks Wannago Outdoors!”


September 2015
Feedback WannaGrow by Erick Schoop, Ministerie Bestuur Planning & Dienstverlening Human Resources & Organisatie:

” Its was a special and pleasant teambuilding session. We got the opportunity to reflect on the person behind the professional working in HRO and share this with each other. This was definitely one of the greatest exercises of the whole morning. The making of the organization vision board was definitely a great challenge, Again we experienced the importance of a good communication while working together on our vision as the HR policy organization of the Government of Curacao. Last but not least we had FUN together.”


August 2015

Feedback Susan El Hage-Elmzoon, HBM GROUP 

“Thanks Wannago Outdoors for a well organized and constructive, yet out of the box, morning whereby we saw each other as colleagues in a different setting. This morning added tips about leadership and communication. We certainly don’t want to forget the FUN fact that was highly present that morning”



June 2015

Feedback Guus Schram  procureur generaal Openbaar Ministerie

Every year the Attorney General and the Prosecutors of Curacao organise their stategic “GPV” meeting to set long term goals. This was a very special year in which the other islands and all other collegues in the organisation joined. We were very honoured to be asked to faciltiate both the outdoor part with WannaGo Outdoors and the strategic session afterwards. Their feedback:

“With creative and out-of-the-box assignments, WannaGo Outdoors organized a great teambuilding morning for us. Meeting our colleagues in a different setting and working together in the team challenges gave us new perspectives and goals in order to optimize our organization.”

November 2013

Feedback by Tobias Markert, COO Curacao Airport Partners::

“CAP Operations again chose WannaGo Outdoors for their annual teambuilding event because the benefit of the event for us is twofold: On the one-hand we are having a perfectly organized fun event in a nice environment which all employees appreciate a lot. On the other hand, the team of WannaGo Outdoors gives us helpful feedback after every task we completed. This feedback does not just focus on the task at hand – it is something we can take back to our work environment and use to improve the day-to-day work relationship.”




September 2012:

Feedback by Tobias Markert, COO Curacao Airport Partners:

“I would like to express my thanks to you and your team for the great event we had Saturday. I was impressed by the professionalism of the organization and the good spirit that your team conveyed to the CAP staff. The feedback from my team is very positive and I am convinced this will help in further improving the relationship between the departments and in facilitating work cooperation”.

June 2012:

Feedback by Elvia Daantje, HR Officer Landsloterij:

In June, again the ‘joined forces’ of Deloitte and WannaGo Outdoors, led to an improved team performance for Landsloterij: “The WannaGo Outdoors and Deloitte teambuilding event resulted in a fresh and highly motivated team, which cooperates much better in a more comfortable working atmosphere. My colleagues started their working day with a smile on their face after the event. We have to make sure that we proceed with this positive vibe!”

June 2012:

Feedback by Natascha Sille, HR Manager MeesPierson:

“WannaGo Outdoors organized a creative and interactive event which enabled me to discover hidden creative talent and leadership skills of my colleagues in an amazing short time!”

June 2012:

Feedback by Liselle Pas SOAB:

“WannaGo outdoors offered great assignments during our teambuilding session. The team of instructors was very inspiring and everything was well organized. Keep up the good job”

January 2011:

Feedback by Focco W. Lunsingh Scheurleer, Attorney at law

VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne:

“Het was een fantastische dag en ik heb enorm genoten. De activiteiten waren leuk en uitdagend, iedereen deed zijn best en overwon zijn schroom. De sfeer was hartstikke goed. De prachtige landhuizen vormden een inspirerende omgeving voor de activiteiten. Het was mooi om te zien dat de verschillende groepjes elk met originele en creatieve vondsten kwamen. We hadden geen van allen gedacht dat we in zo’n korte tijd zulke mooie dingen konden bedenken en uitvoeren. Al met al een hele goede teambuilding dus!”

June 2010:

Feedback by Paul F. Kok, General Manager Avila Beach Hotel

“The team building session organised by Wannago-Outdoors together with George Consult for the Avila Hotel Management Team and Middle Management was very successful and stimulating. Besides the unique opportunity to meet each other in a totally different setting, it was an inspiring way to work together on improving our (leadership) skills. An event that brought a new perspective and new goals to improve our team spirit and the way we communicate within the company.

We would like to thank the Wannago-Outdoors team for their approach.”

October 2009

Feedback by Frank B.M. Kunneman, Attorney at Law

VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne:

“This “Murder Game” is a great teambuilding event. WannaGo Outdoors has proven that they are not only specialized in active outdoor concepts, but are also very good in developing mental challenges. They succeed in creating a perfect blend of personalized elements like video movies, live acting by hired actors and active participation of the VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne colleagues. Furthermore, the ambience of Landhuis Asencion generates a great outdoor experience and also food&beverage was taken well care of.

This “Murder Game” is a great concept that many more companies on our island should be able to enjoy as teambuilding event!”

September 2009

“Jullie hebben met WannaGo Outdoors goed werk geleverd! Goede opdrachten en begeleiding, gepaste afstand, veel variatie, goede catering, en een ludieke afsluiting. Het positieve effect van leren reflecteren op eigen gedrag binnen het team is meer dan bereikt, en maakt het verschil met een gewone outdoor activiteit. En het systeem van 1 plastic cup voor de hele dag, met naam erop, geeft de eco-visie van jullie bedrijf lading. Well Done!”

Els van Oostrum


January 2009

Feedback by Peter C. Katz,  Senior Vice President, Elsevier Corporate Sales:

Elsevier for Industry“The team building event organized by Wannago-Outdoors for my global sales team was the most creative and enjoyable of any we have experienced. The Wannago team was able to challenge and inspire a group of over 100 people of varying ages, nationalities and positions in our company to work together and have a great deal of fun.It was a great start to our annual Sales Kickoff”