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ECO tips

What can you do?

It all starts with taking your own responsibility. Here are  our tips, very easy to integrate in your life. :

  • call the environmental police whenever you see someone spoiling nature. (phone: 917)
  • Be aware what you buy, check where it’s produced and how it’s packaged.
  • Use LED lights. LED lights consume less energy and last longer. You can buy them at
    Bright Tech Solutions N.V, F.D. Rooseveltweg  (Dupont Shopping Plaza 307E)
  • Buy fair trade and organic products
  • Minimalize the use of plastic (bags). Take you own bag also to Chinese snack or toko
  • Re-use you plastic bottle, we have great tab water at Curacao
  • Re-print you paper
  • Invest in higher quality printer to prevent buying cartridges too often.
  • Hand in your reprinted paper at Van Rumpt Recycling,
    Heintje Kool, Kaya Tuti Fruti 1. Tel: 560369
  • Call “KringKoop” for stuff you don’t want anymore and still works. Tel 465 2661
  • Install cisterns  and construct “Green”, ask for professional advice
    f.e: Bringing cisterns back to Curacao Architecture
  • Report illegal dumping (phone: 917).
  • Get you Alu recycling bin at GreenForce. or call Timo Brouwer Tel: 5281064

aluminium recycle bins

How can you help?

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