Eco Events Curacao

How “ECO” is Curacao

There is an increasing interest in sustainable entrepreneurship in Curaçao. Companies become aware that damage to their image can lead to the downfall of the company. Although in this case, it is the society that requires companies to act ‘ green’ this ‘consumer pull’ trend is positive. However, most initiatives are private projects. To succeed and save our island and the planet, we need the government. Sustainable development should be stimulated by our public sector and pollution should be banned by extra capacity of police and SKS,  high fines,  and our own responsibility to report illegal dumping (phone: 917).
Of course education and awareness programs are required as well.

Green Recycling Bin alu recylce bin

Greenforce Curacao:
 “Through our Recycling Bin rental or Recycling Bin sponsoring programs, the private sector can now contribute with the environment and the community education.”


Companies  which contribute to sustainable development on Curacao:

Albert Heijn
Bedrijven Milieu Platfom

Coca Cola

EcoVision N.V

an independent company specialized in environmental consultancy and management.

EccoFiansa, not a subsidy, but a low interest loan with which you start to lower your energy bill right away
Morena resort,
Renaissance hotel

the condensing units of the air conditioners are cooled by using sea water.