About WannaGo Outdoors Curacao

Vision on entrepreneurship

Sustainable development is one of the core values of WannaGo Outdoors and WannaBike. We realize that in different ways. Moreover I think cooperation on a broader scale is important
First of all, taking people, into nature, is the only way to make sure that they become aware of the assets of this island, and how important it is to sustain them. Furthermore, we help with clean ups on the island, for example organized by Stichting Uniek Curacao or Carmabi. We need the help of these organizations whenever we develop trails, to prevent damaging rare vegetation or bird nests. And of course we try to keep the island clean, and keep an eye on people who dump garbage, and on vehicles which drive in area’s which are prohibited for motorized traffic.

WannaGo Outdoors clean up Caracasbaai Curacao